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Thermographic check

Field of application

  • machinemaintenance in advance
  • diagnostics
  • temperature check at moulds / products

Your advantage

  • stop production errors with early debugging
  • locate trough "Hot Spots" on the machine itself
  • minimize energy losses for more efficiency
  • extend lifetime of your machine
  • Discover temperature differences in moulds / cavities
  • Discover "Hot Spots" on products
image hydraulic screw drive with ordinary temperature level
Sp2 = Temp.max = 48,8 °C
source: Krauss Maffei KM 80
image electric coil with extraordinary temperature level
Sp2 = Temp. max = 75,4 °C
source: Krauss Maffei KM 80
image fuse with slightly increased temperature level
Sp2 = Temp. max = 60,7 °C
source: Krauss Maffei KM 80
image left hand picture: thermoplastic sample part right after manufacturing
Sp2 = Temp. max = 240,1 °C

right hand picture: mould of sample part directly after opening
Sp2 = Temp. max = 275,3 °C

our offer

  • Thermographic check at your premisses per hour € 100,-
  • costs for travel € 0,50 per driven km ex 91257 Pegnitz
  • analysis and protocol per thermographic picture € 20,-
  • all prices plus V.A.T. ( in Germany )
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