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For parts of the plasticizing unit
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spare part lists

Rules & Regulations

1. Return Policy

Returns are not accepted

2. Payment policy

Payable prior to the dispatch or pickup

3. Warranty policy

We only sell to business.
We exclude any warranty claims.

8. Guarantee policy

8.1 Second hand spare parts

All our parts must be installed by experienced technicians. Otherwise, a correct function is not guaranteed. In case of any complaints about malfunction, the buyer may send the part to the seller for testing purposes. If the seller finds himself being responsible for the failure, he will send an exchange part.

8.2 Refurbished hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps are subject to wear. You determine the speed of wear with the care of your hydraulic system. We do not grant guarantee or warranty on wear. But we guarantee a proper construction and processing of the pump for a period of 6 month after receipt.
Every refurbished pump has beed tested on our test bench for a period of 30 minutes up to 250 bar prior to delivery.
In case of any complaints about malfunction, the buyer may send the pump to the seller for testing purposes.
After the testing process the seller decides if a cost-free repair or replacement will take place.
Any assumption of costs occurred while installing or using our pumps are excluded.
The guarantee policy will become invalid, as soon as the refurbished pump is being opened outside our repair facility or if any installation guidelines from the installation guide is being ignored.
Please mind the above to extend the life time of your pump.