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For parts of the plasticizing unit
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spare part lists

Spares for Bosch/Moog radial piston pump RKP 1

Set of sliding pads

Size RKP 16-19Euro 300,--
Size RKP 32-45Euro 300,--
Size RKP 63-100Euro 400,--
Size RKP 140Euro 500,--
(acc. original standard)

Stroke rings

Size RKP 16-19Euro 400,--
Size RKP 32-45Euro 400,--
Size RKP 63-100Euro 500,--
Size RKP 140Euro 600,--
(acc. original standard)

Pressure plate

Size RKP 16-19Euro 100,--
Size RKP 32-45Euro 100,--
Size RKP 63-100Euro 100,--
Size RKP 140Euro 100,--
(acc. original standard)

Sealing kit & bearing

Size RKP 16-19Euro 200,--
Size RKP 32-45Euro 200,--
Size RKP 63-100Euro 200,--
Size RKP 140Euro 200,--

Repairkit complete set

Size RKP 16-19Euro 900,--
Size RKP 32-45Euro 900,--
Size RKP 63-100Euro 1.000,--
Size RKP 140Euro 1.200,--